Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Natural Aussie Xmas Tree Ornaments

Australia has such exotic shaped seeds just lying around. I decided to spray paint them gold to bring out their true beauty and hang them on the Xmas tree.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

You can quote me on that- Truth, Injustice, Martyrs

When it comes to religion- we're all looking at the same truth- we're just seeing it at different angles.

Injustice leads to bloodshed.

Sometimes it takes the death of an innocent to shock people into changing things.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Emotional Healing Suggestion

I've recently been mourning the end of a friendship and I've found that this technique, which I came up with after prayer, helps a lot.

First thing is to feel the emotion that is troubling you- feel it in full, The idea is to get beyond the drama, get beyond blaming, or guilt or analysis, just calmly and honestly feel the emotion, even if it isn't socially acceptable, even if you yourself don't approve of it. Just feel the emotion in the purest form. Then express it mentally to the person who you feel the emotion for. Do it in a spiritual way. Be honest about your feelings and don't allow any drama, excitement, debate, judging, blaming or analysis to get in the way. Just pure, honest emotion straight from the heart, not blaming the other person, not blaming you, but just saying and feeling how their actions have affected you. Feel the emotion to its fullest. Then "send" it to the person in question. Imagine that these feeling can be sent like a letter, or an e-mail. Or just send it off into space- like an unwanted package. Puff- it is gone. This should make you feel better already, and even give you new perspective on the situation. Then follow it up with the wish to rid your body of all bad emotions. Just imagine them all rushing out of your body. Pray that all the bad stuff gets washed out so that you can be clean and pure and free again. Then rest. You may be a bit shaken up by this if you have come in contact with the divine but either way, you will feel better and in more control and you'll be able to function again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Personalized Children's Book- Haunted Gym

This is a series of six books that I used to test the idea of making personalized books where the pictures as well as the text were custom made. Unfortunately the computer and camera couldn't process these fast enough for the investor who came up with the idea so it fell through. But still, the stories and illustrations are fun so I figure I'd put them on the net for others to enjoy.

The Haunted Gym
Written and Illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

Daniel belonged to the best club in the world. His mother had sent him to sign up for gym classes near his home. When he knocked at the door, a ghost answered. Daniel got scared and ran. Only, he couldn't get anywhere because the ghost had lifted him in the air. ``What's the hurry?'' another ghost asked.

``I was just here to sign up for gym classes. To lift weights and things.'' said Daniel.

``Oh, they don't do that here anymore. We scared them away. But you can join our club if you want. We've got all sorts of monsters here, but we don't have any children.''

Daniel thought it would be cool to belong to this kind of a club, so he got his mother to fill out the permission slip. He's gone there ever since.

There was always something new going on there. Once he knocked on the door, took one step in, and fell through the floor! He nearly knocked down two dancing skeletons. ``Do you like the new trap door we built?'' asked one of them.

``I didn't know you lived down here.'' replied Daniel.

``Yes'', answered the skeleton. ``We're here with the zombies, the vampires and the bats. It was getting too crowded up there. We've been digging all week. Look what we've found!''

Daniel's eyes grew wide. They had found treasure! He rushed to take a closer look but a pirate ghost pushed him aside. ``That's mine. Keep your paws off it or I'll send you to the witches.''

Daniel said ``But I don't want to take it. I just want to look at it.''

``Well I don't want anyone near it'' said the pirate and the treasure disappeared.

''Where's the vampire?'' asked Daniel. ''He was going to tell me some more stories about Transylvania and his fight with the werewolves.''

``He went up there to talk to the witches. They are planning for next week's big party. You'll be there, won't you?''

``Oh yes, said Daniel. I love Halloween parties. The best part is where we get to scare everyone. I better talk to the witches about my costume. How do I get up there?''

``Press the button in the bookcase and the bats will take you up through that hole in the ceiling.'' answered a skeleton.

The bats were huge and had fangs, but Daniel wasn't afraid. They were actually very friendly.

They lifted him up through the hole and set him down right in front of the witches and the vampire. Before he could say anything, the ghosts gave a warning: ``Human alert! human alert!''.The vampire went to open the door.

It was Daniel's mother! ``Hello, is Daniel there? I have to take him home early because we have company.''

The vampire invited her in. She got nervous. ``Where are the children? Where is the gym equipment?''

The vampire lied ``Oh, it's being repaired, so George took the kids for a run. They'll be back soon.'' He had Daniel's mother sit on a broken chair and told her to wait. He then went to Daniel. ``Your mother's here. You'd better go home.''

Daniel whispered to the witches, ``Hey, can you give me two heads so that I can scare my mother?''

Zelda looked in her book. ``I would, except that I don't have a lizard's tail. Wanda, can I use a frog's tongue instead?''

``Sure,'' said Wanda as she dropped it in. Daniel looked at the magic mirror on the wall. It swirled and whirled his picture. Zelda muttered some magic words and boom! Daniel had two heads! The witches laughed themselves silly.

Daniel and his new head started to discuss what to do. ``Let's sneak up on her and surprise her'' suggested the new head.

``No, let's rush her'' said Daniel. ``I'm the real head, so I should decide what we do.''

``You are not!'' said the new head. ``I was here first.'' After some more arguing they decided to walk out and meet her as if nothing was wrong.

Daniel walked up to her and both heads said ``Hi mother.'' His mother took one look and then started screaming.

``What have they done to you!'' she yelled.

The ghosts flew down to join in the fun. They chased her all around the building. The bats guarded the door so she couldn't get out.

``Here, let me help you,'' said Wanda. She grabbed her broom and whisked Daniel and his mother up through a hole in the roof and set them down at their front door.

``You're never going there again.'' His mother said to Daniel. ''And what are we going to do about your extra head?''

``What extra head?'' asked Daniel as it disappeared in a puff of smoke. His mother screamed again. Daniel just laughed. He knew she would forget everything when she woke up the next morning. She always did!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Genie takes Me to Mars

A Trip to Mars
Written and Illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

One day Josh was walking along and came across a strangely shaped bottle. It was carved out of wood. Josh wondered what you would put in a wooden bottle. Not drinks, that's for sure. He opened the bottle to look.

Josh jumped back in surprise. A big cloud of smoke came out and formed itself in the shape of an enormous man. ``I am the Genie of the bottle'' he announced.

``Great! Now I get three wishes!'' said Josh excitedly.

``Who told you that?'' asked the Genie impatiently. ``Why does everyone think they get three? One is all you get, so make it interesting.'' he commanded.

As Josh opened his mouth to speak, the Genie said rudely ``Oh, you don't have to tell me, I know what kids ask for. You want to go to Mars on a UFO, right?''

The Genie whipped his hands around and sung out ``Wahib, walib, wah!'' and a huge, glowing spaceship appeared.

Josh was amazed. He didn't know what to say.

The genie pushed him into the craft. ``Hurry up, hop aboard, we don't have all day''.

Josh climbed up into the craft and saw rows and rows of controls in front of him. ``Do you know how to use all those controls?'', he asked.

The genie answered, ``Of course not! They're just for kids to play around with. The UFO knows how to get to Mars all by itself.''

The ship started spinning and Josh fell into a soft, padded couch. Within seconds the craft was hurtling through space. Everywhere he looked there were thousands of bright stars. ``How many stars are there in the universe?'' he asked the Genie.

``Oh, no. I'm not doing that again. One child asked me that question about 4000 years ago, and I actually went up and tried to find out. It was hopeless though, because I kept losing count.''

Josh looked at him doubtfully. ``Well, you tell me the number that comes after Five billion, three hundred and sixty five million, four hundred and six. Go on!'' the Genie challenged.

Josh was about to try, when the UFO bumped into something enormous. ``What was that?'' asked Josh as He fell out of his chair.

``Mars, of course.'' said the Genie. Josh rushed to look outside. Where's the spacesuit?'' He asked. ``I want to go out and explore!"

The genie looked unhappy. ``You don't want to do that, do you? I've been here hundreds of times. I'm so sick of it!''

``But I've never been here before. Please, let me check it out, please?'' begged Josh.

``Fine'', said the Genie. ``You've got 12 minutes.''

``Twelve minutes!'' protested Josh. ``That's not long enough to see anything!''

``Eleven minutes and 50 seconds.'' replied the Genie.

Josh hurried into a spacesuit that was under his chair and fell out of the UFO. He then bounced up into the air. The gravity on Mars was much less than on earth. What He saw was incredible! There were buildings everywhere. And people in spacesuits just like his. ``Are they human?'' He asked the genie. ``Of course they're human, can't you smell them?''

Josh bounced up to a kid his own size. ``Hi! I just got here from Earth. I didn't know there were people living here!''

``Sure there are, my family came over from Italy a few years ago. But it's a secret. No one's supposed to know about us yet. Not until our colony is established. You won't tell anyone, will you?'' the space child asked.

Josh wasn't sure. On the other hand, who would believe him anyway? He promised not to tell, and bounced away to explore some more. There were spaceships of all kinds parked nearby and He wanted to get a closer look. He had just gotten to one of them, when the Genie came and dragged him back to his UFO and threw him to the ground. ``That's it, kid. Your time is up.''

When Josh got up, his space suit was gone, the UFO was gone, and He was back on earth, holding the wooden bottle.

``Now throw that bottle away, and you'll have good luck for a week!'' ordered the genie. Josh threw it as high and as far as He could. It vanished in thin air. The Genie laughed. ``You forgot to command me to go inside it! Now I'm free! free! free!'' He vanished too.

Josh ran home. his Mum was watching the news. Yet another Mars probe had stopped sending pictures back to earth. Josh knew why.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Alien at My Party

An Alien at Freda's Party
Written and Illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

Freda was all excited. She was having a birthday party, and all her friends were going to be there. Susie, Dave, Megan, and even Zorg, who was coming from another Galaxy. She couldn't wait to introduce him to everybody. In fact he was the first to arrive.

He'd never been to an Earth party, and couldn't wait to have some fun. The kids squealed when they saw him. Some were afraid. Susie hid behind a chair. Zorg walked up to her and said ``Don't be afraid. I'm just here for a visit. Freda kept telling me how great humans were, so I decided to come and meet some of you.''

Megan got up and touched Zorg: ``Tips! you're it!''Megan said, running away.

Everyone scattered, and the game was on. Zorg tipped Freda and she tipped Dave. Zorg was soon out of breath, because he was much smaller than the others. He decided he'd chase the others in his spaceship. He went whizzing around. Just as he was about to tip Freda, she grabbed his ship and pulled herself on top of it. Zorg lifted her higher and zoomed outside. He gave her a ride
around the block.

The others were yelling for a turn. Freda's Dad told Zorg to stop it. He said it was much too dangerous. "Why, the spaceship didn't even have a seat belt!"

``No problem,'' said Freda. She went and got a belt from her mother's wardrobe and tied it to the craft. Everyone had a turn flying around the neighbourhood.

Then it was time for cake. Zorg let Freda off the ship and then parked it in a tree. Using the suction cups on his hand, he climbed down just in time to join the others in a song of ``Happy Birthday''. Freda's mum gave him a slice of cake. He opened up his stomach and shoved it in. ``Deeee-licious!'' he said. Everyone was too grossed out to eat anymore of their cake, so he ate their's as well. After that a huge burp came out of his nose.

That sent everyone running away, because it smelled like rotten meat. He looked puzzled and went to see where everyone was.

They were outside playing frisbee with his spaceship! Susie threw it to Dave, Dave threw it to Megan, Megan missed and ran to pick it up. ``Freeze!'' warned Zorg. He was pointing what looked like a gun at Megan. Megan froze. Was she going to be blasted? Zorg pulled the trigger and a sticky brown string shot out and stuck to his spacecraft. Zorg pulled the UFO towards him and got in. ``Now we're going to play a game we play on my planet,'' he said.

There was a flash of light from the ship and all of a sudden everyone was floating in the air.

There was a bright flashing ball moving around among them. ``The object of this game is to catch the ball. when you do, you will change into the first animal you think of. There is only one rule, and that is don't eat anyone! You'll all change back after about ten minutes or so. Ready? Set! Go!'' Freda was closest to the ball, but it took her a while to figure out how to move
towards it. Finally she figured it out. ``Swim! Swim in the air! That's how to move!''

Soon everyone had caught the ball, and there was a whole zoo of animals outside.

Neighbours came out to see what was going on. Someone called the Newspapers. The parents of the children stated arriving to pick up their children. They were impressed that Freda's parents
had hired a petting zoo.

The children started turning back into humans. The grown-ups were too busy talking to notice.

One by one the children were taken home. they wanted to show Zorg to their parents, but he took off as soon as he heard the word ``Newspapers''.

As Freda went to bed that night, she thought about how great her party had been. She knew that next year's would be even better!

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Mad Scientist

This was written by my son when he was 8. I had to come up with 6 books in three weeks, this was the first.


Written by Daniel Lambert
Illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

One day Sam was in his lab putting things in a pot. ``All in the life of a scientist'' he sang as he put apples, oranges, bananas in his pot. Then he cooked the pot and tasted the mix inside it.


Suddenly he turned into a dog and he ruff, ruff, ruffed around until he found some water, drank it, and turned back into a human again.

``No'', he said. So he put more oranges in. Then he remembered he had to put something else in. Something starting with `pen'. ``Pencil, of course! Or was it a pen? Oh well, better just drop them both in'', he decided. He put it in the oven, took it out and tasted it.

Suddenly he turned into a cat! he meow, meow, meowed around until he drank some water and turned into a human again.

``Oh!'' he suddenly remembered, ``it wasn't a pen, or a pencil, it was a penny!'' he added the penny he had once found to the pot, and mashed all the ingredients together. After cooking it, he tasted it again.

``That's yummy!'' he said, just before turning into a cow! he moo, moo, mooed until he found the water and drank it all up. he turned into a human again.

``Of course! I should have wrapped a string around it!'' he said. So he fished out the penny, wrapped a string around it, put it in the pot, mashed all the ingredients together, put them in the oven, then took them out, and THEN tasted it.

``Deeee-licious!'' he said, and called his guests to dinner.

Fairy Queen for a Day

Again, this has most of the illustrations.

written and illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

Michelle was in the garden with her parents. They started talking about the news, so Michelle decided to walk around and see what was in the giant spider web. She could see something was trying to get loose. Michelle came closer.

``Help! Help!'' squeaked a voice. It was a beautiful fairy! She was caught in the web! There were other fairies and elves flying around her, but they didn't know what to do. Meanwhile, a big hairy spider was creeping out from under a leaf. He looked hungry. Some fairies poked him with blades of grass, but that didn't stop him. Michelle grabbed a stick and chased the spider away. Then she pulled the fairy out of the web.

``Thank you so much! said the fairy gratefully. That was such a brave thing to do. I must reward you." `ELKA'' she shouted.

The fairies flew around Michelle, sprinkling fairy dust all over her clothes and her hair. She looked down and saw that she was wearing a beautiful fairy dress. She felt herself shrinking and shrinking and shrinking until she was just as big as they were.

On her back, she felt wings! She could stretch them. She tried to flap them. They lifted her up off the ground. She could fly! Higher and higher she flew. Suddenly, a gust of wind hit her, and it sent her crashing into the other fairies. They had been trying to get the sticky spider web off their queen. ``Well, I certainly can't host the ball looking like this!'' she said wiping the dirt off her dress. ``Michelle! You be queen of the fairies until I get my wings washed. Here's my spare crown.''

Michelle was so happy she danced a fairy dance she didn't even know! A slug got out of her way. So did everyone else. Òh they are making room for me! she thought. It was only when she looked up that she saw two green eyes of a giant black cat staring at her. The cat was ready to pounce.

Michelle flew up just in time. Luckily a big dog came along and chased the cat away.

``Don't mind her, she's always causing trouble,'' he said. ``Say, could you talk to the slugs for me? They are getting slime in my water dish again."

"We need the water!'' said the slug. ``It hasn't rained for weeks! And you have so much of it. You never drink it all."

"But after you drink from it the water tastes awful!'' answered the dog.

A fairy flew to Michelle. ``Oh, they're always arguing about that. We don't even try to fix that problem anymore. There's no way to make them both happy.''

``Yes there is,'' said Michelle. ``Dog, just spill some of your water on the ground at night for the slugs and they will leave your water dish alone, right slug?'' The slug and dog happily agreed to this plan, and left to have a nap.

It was getting dark out. ``My parents will be missing me'', she worried. The fairy beside her said: ``Don't worry, we put a ring of fairy dust around them. they'll just keep talking until we sweep it away. Now I must go and get ready for the dance.''

Everywhere the fairies were setting up fairy lights in the trees, and hanging silvery streamers from the plants.

Some were playing fairy music, and others were putting out fairy bread to eat. Michelle tasted it and it melted in her mouth. She'd never tasted anything as wonderful as this!

``Let the ball begin!'' said a sparkling fairy near her. The other fairies started to dance. They taught Michelle all sorts of fairy dances. She wanted to stay with them for ever and ever.

There was a bright light. The real fairy queen appeared. The music stopped and she made a speech. ``In honour of the braveness and wisdom of Michelle the human, we have decided that this is Michelle Day. We will celebrate it every year, and, if Michelle is there, she will be guest of honour!'' Everyone cheered and danced around Michelle.

One fairy put fairy dust on her. She started to grow. Soon she was full size and in her own clothes again. ``You must go home now,'' the fairy whispered.

Michelle ran to her parents. She slipped on some fairy dust. This broke the spell They were under. They were glad to see her. Her parents said ``We had no idea it was so late. We better rush home and eat dinner!'' Michelle waved goodbye to the fairies and hoped she'd see them again soon.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dinosaurs at the Park

I wrote these ages ago. If you want me to do one for your child just leave a comment. There are more illustrations but I couldn't fit them all on this blog.

written and illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

Aidan was walking through Hyde Park one day when he saw something behind a tree. ``Grandpa! There's something big over there. Let's see what it is!' he rushed ahead and went around the tree.

Suddenly, he was no longer surrounded by grass and bushes, but was in a hot jungle with dinosaurs all around him.

He looked one way, and saw two Thimizinosaurus babies wrestling in the mud.

Far away he could see a Yangchusanosaurus looking for a meal.

Nearby, a Mamenchisaurus was munching on some nice
green leaves.

Everything was so big! Even the dragonflies. There were two as big as cats who flew right at him! He ran as fast as he could back the way he came.

He tripped on a branch and fell right against the big old tree. ``Ouch!'' he said.

His Grandpa came running. ``Are you all right?''he asked.``I couldn't find you anywhere!''

Aidan took him to the other side of the tree. ``You have to see this Grandpa! It is so exciting!''

He waited to see the dinosaurs and jungle again, but there was nothing. Nothing but the same old grass and trees of Hyde Park. Aidan looked down at his feet. He was sad. Then he saw a skull smiling up at him. ``It's a dinosaur skull, Grandpa! I just know it!'' said Aidan.

``Oh you clever boy!'' laughed his Grandpa. He called the museum and an expert rushed over.

The man was very excited and said that Aidan had found the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Digging a little deeper, he found that there was a whole skeleton buried there. No one had ever found a dinosaur there before! Aidan was a hero!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Party Ideas for Younger Children

I've always had a treasure hunt for my kid's Birthday Parties. Here's some ideas I came up with.

Before my kids could read I'd give them stepping stones, footprints, or arrows to follow. I'd give them balloons and feet to decorate. If you use heavy enough cardboard, these creatures always land on their feet. You can also use disposable gloves, like I did here.

Another activity I liked to do with them was a balloon war- you split the children into teams, give each team an equal amount of balloons, face them off across a rope or a line and see which team can get all their balloons on the other side first. Kids love this. Pass the water balloons can also be fun, as long as the parents don't mind their kids getting their clothes wet.
Kids of all ages like the balloon games.

When the kids got older I would give them clues to follow. The hunt would usually end with UFO's.

To make them, you just have to blue tac two plastic bowls together. Inside, there would be three dimensional fingernail stick-ons. You can find them in any supermarket. The children would use these to decorate the outside of it.

You also put in the party candy of course, ideally with a little finger puppet alien, or a do it yourself alien made of a blown up water balloon and a cut out set of feet. You'd get the kids to draw a face on it.

border="0" />

I'd also include bubble solution, because that's a fun activity they can do after, and also cornstarch in a zip-lock bag. The kids add water a little bit at a time, until they get a slime that is dry and hard if you close your fist around it, yet runs through your fingers when you let go. This is very messy and ideally you'd only do it outside. If you're doing this make sure it is cornstarch made of corn, not wheat, because wheat won't work.

The bowls hold a lot so you can get everything in.

Hope you can use some of these ideas!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 2008 Treasure Hunt

This year my kids wanted an easy fun treasure hunt, so what I did was fill disposable gloves with treats, blew them up, tied them and then hid each pair with a mask. Each kid got a hand as a handout. We have to do it this way because we live in Sydney Australia where Halloween really hasn't taken off. Hardly anyone knows when it is, let alone has candy to give out.

Here's some pictures of the better mask/hand combinations hidden around our house and garden:

Oil Paintings I've Done

Here are two oil paintings I did many years ago. Both are a lot darker than it shows up here. Oh well, close enough.

"The Climb Out of the Slime"

"He's Got the Whole World"

Easter Card

Here's a watercolour painting I once did. I made cards out of it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why nice guys don't get the girl

Or alternatively, what do women see in dangerous men?

First question first. You would think that women would go for a nice guy who treats them with respect and would never force their will on them and who are good friends with them- they would make good husbands and good fathers and would be good providers too. Unfortunately, women are looking for one other key factor in a man: safety. Can the man protect them from danger, can the man protect her from other men? This is where the nice guy falls down. If push came to shove would he fight for her or would she have to fight her own battles and protect herself? Some women prefer to be in control and face the world head on but most want to be protected from the world by someone stronger. This is the attraction of a dangerous man. No one wants to mess with them, and if you are theirs, then no one would want to mess with you. To that extent you are safe and have power over other men and also other women- because they are NOT safe from that dangerous man.

Another reason is of course people like danger and excitement and unpredictability in their lives.Only the most damaged want a totally safe environment. It gives you status and bragging rights. After all, you were brave enough to cuddle the tiger, to play with fire and most people don't have the guts, but you do. That guarantees a certain amount of popularity, which everyone craves.

The violent man also makes you feel special, because he's mean to others, but he's nice to you- you are the exception. That's very intoxicating. Unfortunately dangerous men are only nice to you until they've got you hooked. Then of course you realize there is a price to pay. Yes, no one else is going to hurt you but he will, eventually. They don't tolerate much because they don't have to. People are scared enough of them to give them their way all the time. You try to assert your authority over him it is not going to work- you always have to give in, and heaven help if you should ever get fed up and decide to leave- that puts you in terrible danger, because you have become their property and these kinds of people are very primitive, very territorial. They conquered that territory, it is theirs, until they, and only they decide to get rid of it. So yes, the women are safe from others, but not safe from the very person they are living with. Not a great trade-off.

So the best option most women go for is go for a nice guy who is safe, but who can also protect them if they are in danger. So if you are a nice guy, try learning Kung Fu!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Party Puzzle

Where is the party loot?


Jack had just gotten the much awaited computer game “Final Auto Theft Fantasy 4” and invited his friends over to play it and other computer games he had.
To be fair, everyone got 15 minutes on the new game, then someone else got a go.

The people who played it were:
Adam, Anton, Julian, Philip, Stephen, and of course Jack and his brother Justin. The clues refer only to their first names.

From the clues below, find out the order in which people played the game. Then answer the questions after to find out where to look for the next part of the treasure hunt.


1.The first four to play it all had the letter “N” at the end of their name.
2.The 3rd, 4rth, fifth and sixth person each had a letter repeated in their name. (ie “George” has the letter “e” repeated.)
3.The first three kid's names were in alphabetical order
4.The last two were also in alphabetical order.

So the order of the kids was:









Second last letter of the fifth person is ______

Second letter of fourth person is ______

Third letter of sixth person is ______

Second letter of third person is ______

Fourth letter of second person is ______

Third last letter of the first person is ______

Third letter of the last person is ______

easy puzzle

I make original puzzles for treasure hunts for every time my kids have a birthday. Here's an easy one telling you where to find the next clue.

What you do is, cross out three of a kind- either three of the same shape, the same colour or the same letter- you can cross things out vertically, horizontally or diagonally in any direction and you can cross something out more than once. The remaining squares make a shape that tells you where to find the next clue.
It could mean several things so the next clue could be in several places but I originally meant it to lead to a beverage.