Friday, November 07, 2008

The Mad Scientist

This was written by my son when he was 8. I had to come up with 6 books in three weeks, this was the first.


Written by Daniel Lambert
Illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

One day Sam was in his lab putting things in a pot. ``All in the life of a scientist'' he sang as he put apples, oranges, bananas in his pot. Then he cooked the pot and tasted the mix inside it.


Suddenly he turned into a dog and he ruff, ruff, ruffed around until he found some water, drank it, and turned back into a human again.

``No'', he said. So he put more oranges in. Then he remembered he had to put something else in. Something starting with `pen'. ``Pencil, of course! Or was it a pen? Oh well, better just drop them both in'', he decided. He put it in the oven, took it out and tasted it.

Suddenly he turned into a cat! he meow, meow, meowed around until he drank some water and turned into a human again.

``Oh!'' he suddenly remembered, ``it wasn't a pen, or a pencil, it was a penny!'' he added the penny he had once found to the pot, and mashed all the ingredients together. After cooking it, he tasted it again.

``That's yummy!'' he said, just before turning into a cow! he moo, moo, mooed until he found the water and drank it all up. he turned into a human again.

``Of course! I should have wrapped a string around it!'' he said. So he fished out the penny, wrapped a string around it, put it in the pot, mashed all the ingredients together, put them in the oven, then took them out, and THEN tasted it.

``Deeee-licious!'' he said, and called his guests to dinner.

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