Sunday, November 09, 2008

Alien at My Party

An Alien at Freda's Party
Written and Illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

Freda was all excited. She was having a birthday party, and all her friends were going to be there. Susie, Dave, Megan, and even Zorg, who was coming from another Galaxy. She couldn't wait to introduce him to everybody. In fact he was the first to arrive.

He'd never been to an Earth party, and couldn't wait to have some fun. The kids squealed when they saw him. Some were afraid. Susie hid behind a chair. Zorg walked up to her and said ``Don't be afraid. I'm just here for a visit. Freda kept telling me how great humans were, so I decided to come and meet some of you.''

Megan got up and touched Zorg: ``Tips! you're it!''Megan said, running away.

Everyone scattered, and the game was on. Zorg tipped Freda and she tipped Dave. Zorg was soon out of breath, because he was much smaller than the others. He decided he'd chase the others in his spaceship. He went whizzing around. Just as he was about to tip Freda, she grabbed his ship and pulled herself on top of it. Zorg lifted her higher and zoomed outside. He gave her a ride
around the block.

The others were yelling for a turn. Freda's Dad told Zorg to stop it. He said it was much too dangerous. "Why, the spaceship didn't even have a seat belt!"

``No problem,'' said Freda. She went and got a belt from her mother's wardrobe and tied it to the craft. Everyone had a turn flying around the neighbourhood.

Then it was time for cake. Zorg let Freda off the ship and then parked it in a tree. Using the suction cups on his hand, he climbed down just in time to join the others in a song of ``Happy Birthday''. Freda's mum gave him a slice of cake. He opened up his stomach and shoved it in. ``Deeee-licious!'' he said. Everyone was too grossed out to eat anymore of their cake, so he ate their's as well. After that a huge burp came out of his nose.

That sent everyone running away, because it smelled like rotten meat. He looked puzzled and went to see where everyone was.

They were outside playing frisbee with his spaceship! Susie threw it to Dave, Dave threw it to Megan, Megan missed and ran to pick it up. ``Freeze!'' warned Zorg. He was pointing what looked like a gun at Megan. Megan froze. Was she going to be blasted? Zorg pulled the trigger and a sticky brown string shot out and stuck to his spacecraft. Zorg pulled the UFO towards him and got in. ``Now we're going to play a game we play on my planet,'' he said.

There was a flash of light from the ship and all of a sudden everyone was floating in the air.

There was a bright flashing ball moving around among them. ``The object of this game is to catch the ball. when you do, you will change into the first animal you think of. There is only one rule, and that is don't eat anyone! You'll all change back after about ten minutes or so. Ready? Set! Go!'' Freda was closest to the ball, but it took her a while to figure out how to move
towards it. Finally she figured it out. ``Swim! Swim in the air! That's how to move!''

Soon everyone had caught the ball, and there was a whole zoo of animals outside.

Neighbours came out to see what was going on. Someone called the Newspapers. The parents of the children stated arriving to pick up their children. They were impressed that Freda's parents
had hired a petting zoo.

The children started turning back into humans. The grown-ups were too busy talking to notice.

One by one the children were taken home. they wanted to show Zorg to their parents, but he took off as soon as he heard the word ``Newspapers''.

As Freda went to bed that night, she thought about how great her party had been. She knew that next year's would be even better!

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