Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Personalized Children's Book- Haunted Gym

This is a series of six books that I used to test the idea of making personalized books where the pictures as well as the text were custom made. Unfortunately the computer and camera couldn't process these fast enough for the investor who came up with the idea so it fell through. But still, the stories and illustrations are fun so I figure I'd put them on the net for others to enjoy.

The Haunted Gym
Written and Illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

Daniel belonged to the best club in the world. His mother had sent him to sign up for gym classes near his home. When he knocked at the door, a ghost answered. Daniel got scared and ran. Only, he couldn't get anywhere because the ghost had lifted him in the air. ``What's the hurry?'' another ghost asked.

``I was just here to sign up for gym classes. To lift weights and things.'' said Daniel.

``Oh, they don't do that here anymore. We scared them away. But you can join our club if you want. We've got all sorts of monsters here, but we don't have any children.''

Daniel thought it would be cool to belong to this kind of a club, so he got his mother to fill out the permission slip. He's gone there ever since.

There was always something new going on there. Once he knocked on the door, took one step in, and fell through the floor! He nearly knocked down two dancing skeletons. ``Do you like the new trap door we built?'' asked one of them.

``I didn't know you lived down here.'' replied Daniel.

``Yes'', answered the skeleton. ``We're here with the zombies, the vampires and the bats. It was getting too crowded up there. We've been digging all week. Look what we've found!''

Daniel's eyes grew wide. They had found treasure! He rushed to take a closer look but a pirate ghost pushed him aside. ``That's mine. Keep your paws off it or I'll send you to the witches.''

Daniel said ``But I don't want to take it. I just want to look at it.''

``Well I don't want anyone near it'' said the pirate and the treasure disappeared.

''Where's the vampire?'' asked Daniel. ''He was going to tell me some more stories about Transylvania and his fight with the werewolves.''

``He went up there to talk to the witches. They are planning for next week's big party. You'll be there, won't you?''

``Oh yes, said Daniel. I love Halloween parties. The best part is where we get to scare everyone. I better talk to the witches about my costume. How do I get up there?''

``Press the button in the bookcase and the bats will take you up through that hole in the ceiling.'' answered a skeleton.

The bats were huge and had fangs, but Daniel wasn't afraid. They were actually very friendly.

They lifted him up through the hole and set him down right in front of the witches and the vampire. Before he could say anything, the ghosts gave a warning: ``Human alert! human alert!''.The vampire went to open the door.

It was Daniel's mother! ``Hello, is Daniel there? I have to take him home early because we have company.''

The vampire invited her in. She got nervous. ``Where are the children? Where is the gym equipment?''

The vampire lied ``Oh, it's being repaired, so George took the kids for a run. They'll be back soon.'' He had Daniel's mother sit on a broken chair and told her to wait. He then went to Daniel. ``Your mother's here. You'd better go home.''

Daniel whispered to the witches, ``Hey, can you give me two heads so that I can scare my mother?''

Zelda looked in her book. ``I would, except that I don't have a lizard's tail. Wanda, can I use a frog's tongue instead?''

``Sure,'' said Wanda as she dropped it in. Daniel looked at the magic mirror on the wall. It swirled and whirled his picture. Zelda muttered some magic words and boom! Daniel had two heads! The witches laughed themselves silly.

Daniel and his new head started to discuss what to do. ``Let's sneak up on her and surprise her'' suggested the new head.

``No, let's rush her'' said Daniel. ``I'm the real head, so I should decide what we do.''

``You are not!'' said the new head. ``I was here first.'' After some more arguing they decided to walk out and meet her as if nothing was wrong.

Daniel walked up to her and both heads said ``Hi mother.'' His mother took one look and then started screaming.

``What have they done to you!'' she yelled.

The ghosts flew down to join in the fun. They chased her all around the building. The bats guarded the door so she couldn't get out.

``Here, let me help you,'' said Wanda. She grabbed her broom and whisked Daniel and his mother up through a hole in the roof and set them down at their front door.

``You're never going there again.'' His mother said to Daniel. ''And what are we going to do about your extra head?''

``What extra head?'' asked Daniel as it disappeared in a puff of smoke. His mother screamed again. Daniel just laughed. He knew she would forget everything when she woke up the next morning. She always did!

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