Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dinosaurs at the Park

I wrote these ages ago. If you want me to do one for your child just leave a comment. There are more illustrations but I couldn't fit them all on this blog.

written and illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

Aidan was walking through Hyde Park one day when he saw something behind a tree. ``Grandpa! There's something big over there. Let's see what it is!' he rushed ahead and went around the tree.

Suddenly, he was no longer surrounded by grass and bushes, but was in a hot jungle with dinosaurs all around him.

He looked one way, and saw two Thimizinosaurus babies wrestling in the mud.

Far away he could see a Yangchusanosaurus looking for a meal.

Nearby, a Mamenchisaurus was munching on some nice
green leaves.

Everything was so big! Even the dragonflies. There were two as big as cats who flew right at him! He ran as fast as he could back the way he came.

He tripped on a branch and fell right against the big old tree. ``Ouch!'' he said.

His Grandpa came running. ``Are you all right?''he asked.``I couldn't find you anywhere!''

Aidan took him to the other side of the tree. ``You have to see this Grandpa! It is so exciting!''

He waited to see the dinosaurs and jungle again, but there was nothing. Nothing but the same old grass and trees of Hyde Park. Aidan looked down at his feet. He was sad. Then he saw a skull smiling up at him. ``It's a dinosaur skull, Grandpa! I just know it!'' said Aidan.

``Oh you clever boy!'' laughed his Grandpa. He called the museum and an expert rushed over.

The man was very excited and said that Aidan had found the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Digging a little deeper, he found that there was a whole skeleton buried there. No one had ever found a dinosaur there before! Aidan was a hero!

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