Friday, November 07, 2008

Fairy Queen for a Day

Again, this has most of the illustrations.

written and illustrated by Carmen Lambert
Copyright 2000

Michelle was in the garden with her parents. They started talking about the news, so Michelle decided to walk around and see what was in the giant spider web. She could see something was trying to get loose. Michelle came closer.

``Help! Help!'' squeaked a voice. It was a beautiful fairy! She was caught in the web! There were other fairies and elves flying around her, but they didn't know what to do. Meanwhile, a big hairy spider was creeping out from under a leaf. He looked hungry. Some fairies poked him with blades of grass, but that didn't stop him. Michelle grabbed a stick and chased the spider away. Then she pulled the fairy out of the web.

``Thank you so much! said the fairy gratefully. That was such a brave thing to do. I must reward you." `ELKA'' she shouted.

The fairies flew around Michelle, sprinkling fairy dust all over her clothes and her hair. She looked down and saw that she was wearing a beautiful fairy dress. She felt herself shrinking and shrinking and shrinking until she was just as big as they were.

On her back, she felt wings! She could stretch them. She tried to flap them. They lifted her up off the ground. She could fly! Higher and higher she flew. Suddenly, a gust of wind hit her, and it sent her crashing into the other fairies. They had been trying to get the sticky spider web off their queen. ``Well, I certainly can't host the ball looking like this!'' she said wiping the dirt off her dress. ``Michelle! You be queen of the fairies until I get my wings washed. Here's my spare crown.''

Michelle was so happy she danced a fairy dance she didn't even know! A slug got out of her way. So did everyone else. Òh they are making room for me! she thought. It was only when she looked up that she saw two green eyes of a giant black cat staring at her. The cat was ready to pounce.

Michelle flew up just in time. Luckily a big dog came along and chased the cat away.

``Don't mind her, she's always causing trouble,'' he said. ``Say, could you talk to the slugs for me? They are getting slime in my water dish again."

"We need the water!'' said the slug. ``It hasn't rained for weeks! And you have so much of it. You never drink it all."

"But after you drink from it the water tastes awful!'' answered the dog.

A fairy flew to Michelle. ``Oh, they're always arguing about that. We don't even try to fix that problem anymore. There's no way to make them both happy.''

``Yes there is,'' said Michelle. ``Dog, just spill some of your water on the ground at night for the slugs and they will leave your water dish alone, right slug?'' The slug and dog happily agreed to this plan, and left to have a nap.

It was getting dark out. ``My parents will be missing me'', she worried. The fairy beside her said: ``Don't worry, we put a ring of fairy dust around them. they'll just keep talking until we sweep it away. Now I must go and get ready for the dance.''

Everywhere the fairies were setting up fairy lights in the trees, and hanging silvery streamers from the plants.

Some were playing fairy music, and others were putting out fairy bread to eat. Michelle tasted it and it melted in her mouth. She'd never tasted anything as wonderful as this!

``Let the ball begin!'' said a sparkling fairy near her. The other fairies started to dance. They taught Michelle all sorts of fairy dances. She wanted to stay with them for ever and ever.

There was a bright light. The real fairy queen appeared. The music stopped and she made a speech. ``In honour of the braveness and wisdom of Michelle the human, we have decided that this is Michelle Day. We will celebrate it every year, and, if Michelle is there, she will be guest of honour!'' Everyone cheered and danced around Michelle.

One fairy put fairy dust on her. She started to grow. Soon she was full size and in her own clothes again. ``You must go home now,'' the fairy whispered.

Michelle ran to her parents. She slipped on some fairy dust. This broke the spell They were under. They were glad to see her. Her parents said ``We had no idea it was so late. We better rush home and eat dinner!'' Michelle waved goodbye to the fairies and hoped she'd see them again soon.

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