Monday, May 25, 2009

Swine Flu Party

My boys are teens now so they decide on the party entertainment. My youngest chose to have a Pinata for him and his friends to bash. He picked one that was in the shape of a pig because that was topical. I stuffed it with Fizz Wizz (when hit the sugar powder looks like smoke),candy,poppers(the kind where pulling the string makes streamers shoot out),glowsticks and 1 cm long coloured wooden beads that represent different viruses. The idea was you wanted to let the candy out but you didn't want to be struck by one of the viruses!

Here's him hitting the pig:

Here's the chart that told you which virus you'd been hit with.

Since you could be hit by more than one bead, you could turn into a Westboro Baptist Sarah Palin pirate, which you had to act out. All in all they had a lot of fun!

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