Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our GPS Tried To Kill Us!

They say machines don't have intelligence of their own, but after this incident, I wonder.....

We were driving out to Perisher, in the Snowy Mountains. (Yes, Australia gets snow!) We were trying out the GPS system. It had a female voice. My husband kept teasing me by saying how much he liked her.... I didn't because it kept interrupting us all the time. I named it Janet, after our friend's obnoxious ex.

Even though he was quite pleased with the system, a lot of times my husband would ignore her and take an alternate route. She was always trying to get us to retrace our route and go HER way. She sounded quite annoyed when we didn't.

Anyway,when we were almost there it was dusk and it was raining and visibility was quite poor. We started crossing the Jyndabine Dam. Halfway across Janet insisted we turn left! That would have hurtled us 100 meters down into the rushing water of the spillway! Moral of the story- don't tick off a woman, even if she IS a machine!

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