Sunday, March 21, 2010

Research Diary 3: What Made Moses Glow?

Not much luck today. Cronus looks like the Seraphs mentioned in Ezekiel but he's associated with the Greeks, not the Assyrians who were causing trouble in that particular time. Interestingly he was closely associated with El, so much so that I often find the hyphenated name El/Cronus when doing my research. El is of course one of the names of the God of Israel, but he was also the god of the Phonecians. If this is a reference to that it is interesting, because under the Phonecian beliefs, YHWH is a son of El, yet here he is being worshipped by El. Weird.

As for the volcanoes. I'm looking for one that is near a desert. Trying to narrow it down a bit I re-read the passage and found the passage where Moses face is glowing after he came down. Made me think of uranium and radioactivity so I checked that out, and checked out if there could be phosphor in the area too. Turns out there is both, so I have to look into that some more.

Eventually I'm going to check where others think Mt Sinai was, but for now I'm trying to get it from scratch.

Also found out there was a Roman volcano god Vulcan. The mythology doesn't at all match YHWH and the dates are wrong, so that's a dead end. Maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck.

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