Thursday, March 18, 2010

Research Diary 2- Olympus, Atlantis and Garden of Eden

Been looking at articles about volcanoes in the middle East. Came across one site that said
there was a volcano in the Garden of Eden:

Another that said that Mount Olympus was a volcano in Māzandarān

Yet another said that Atlantis could have been a real place sunk by the force of a Volcano 70 miles from Crete that was 120 times more powerful than Mount St Helens.

Also found 55 or so volcanoes in the Middle East region- now I have to go find out more about volcanoes because what I'm looking for is a volcano that hadn't necessarily erupted- just one that was smouldering and shooting the occasional boulder of hot lava out.Apparently the region's volcanoes are mild and don't tend to explode with much force.

Meant to research more today but my friend's friend has been caught up in a romance scam which we were trying to investigate.

Hint- If someone wants to send you money from South Africa and then wants you to send it back, THAT is a scam. Check their photo at this site:

I can't believe how cruel people can be- taking their money, well, that's one thing. but breaking their hearts as well? The woman refuses to believe she is being taken in. Let's hope this site will convince her.

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