Friday, June 05, 2009

Why I didn't go to my High School Reunion

Graduations are supposed to be fun, but this is what happened to me. About a month before graduation this girl I knew asked me to go to the park and play Frisbee with her. I found this a bit strange, since we'd only ever chatted on the school bus before.

Anyway, as we were talking and playing, she mentioned the graduation and asked me if I had a date for the prom. I said no, and she asked me if I'd go with her brother. Now, her brother was a nice guy, he'd even rescued a little old lady who had fallen down in her house and couldn't get up. Unfortunately,we were always in the same class and our names were so similar that the teachers were always calling us by each other's name. I really hated that and thus I really started to hate him. Also, unfortunately, he had a face that looked like it had been hit by a large flat iron and I felt that I was kind of pretty and deserved better than that. After thinking it over I called him up and told him I didn't want to go as his date after all. Actually, this was lucky for him considering what happened next.

See, a couple of weeks later my mother and I went to the local shopping center to pick out a prom dress. I'd been to about two thirds of the stores there, but hadn't found anything I really liked yet. My mother was so fed up with all this shopping that the next day, while I was at school, she went out and bought a dress for me and said that was what I was wearing and that's IT! I looked at it in dismay. I guess I could describe it best by saying it was a lacy multi-layered polyester wedding dress. Now I would have made a fuss about this and refused to wear it, but my Godmother, who was a nun and had been a missionary in China was staying with us and I really really didn't want to have a temper tantrum infront of her. So I wore the stupid thing. When I got to the prom, my friends were too embarrassed to be seen with me so I spent the whole night talking to my English teacher. What a night to remember! Of course I was lucky I could remember it, unlike four of my classmates who died in a car accident that night speeding straight on one of the few winding streets in Winnipeg! Like I said, what a night!

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