Friday, January 07, 2011

How a Backhoe Broke my New Year's Resolution


Hope you all had a great holiday!

We were away, so I didn't get to make a New Year's resolution until last night. I was thinking about how many things worried me and I decided that this year I wasn't going to be afraid of anything any more.

I was quite happy with this decision, and felt much better once I'd
made it. I then started to plan how I could make it come about.

Cue to this morning. I'm walking my dog at a huge park which is only a block away from my house. It has a swimming pool, many football fields, tennis courts, a dune area and a bicycle path that winds around a couple of its small hills. Currently they are upgrading it so there are a lot of tractors, trucks and backhoes driving around the place.

Anyway, I'm walking my dog behind the swimming pool complex and cut across a couple of unmowed fields to get to an area behind the tennis courts. I notice that one of the backhoes is coming up behind me. It looks like it's heading straight for me.

I decide to go around a hill to hide from the driver, but I can see by looking at the shovel which is poking up above the hill that he's turned to follow me. There is a row of bushes next to the path I'm on, so I quickly take dog behind them and reverse my direction.

He passes me by a few hundred feet, but then must have seen me, because he reverses so he's following me again. At this point I come to a clearing where there are two other people walking their dogs and letting them run free.

I join this group and I point to the backhoe and say- "I could swear that thing is following me!"

After I pointed at the machine, the backhoe takes off to the direction it came from and starts digging, exactly where it was before.

I've been followed by cars before, but never a backhoe! I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me. :)

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